B and J Cabins
Directions and travel information

There are currently 2 international airports servicing Costa Rica:  San Jose or Liberia. You can fly on a commuter airline to Quepos or
Palmar Sur once you arrive in Costa Rica.  We prefer Quepos as the road to Uvita is currently paved and very nice for travel.  The
information for the commuter airlines is shown below.

Nature Air:
Call Toll free from the US and Canada at 800-235-9272

Sansa Air:
Reservations 506-2290-4100 or Toll free from the US at 877-767-2672

Bus-MUSOC Bus station:
Phone: 2222-2422 or 2222-2666.
Office hours are from 6am to 5pm. In downtown San Jose. The terminal is known as La Coca Cola, and it is located on 16th street, 1st
and 3rd Avenues.  This is the public bus system it is very inexpensive, with large comfortable buses.  You can take a taxi from the airport to
the Musoc Bus Station in San Jose; get on the bus to San Isidro where you can have someone meet you or take a taxi from there to Uvita.
The ride from San Jose to San Isidro takes about 3 hours and you need to keep your tickets during the trip because they check them half
way to San Isidro.

Hire a driver/cab:
From San Jose to Uvita the cost is approximately 150.00 one way.

Easy ride shuttle:

Rent a car:
You do not need a 4 X 4 to get to B and J Cabins but if you want to do a lot of exploring I would rent one.

Driving to Dominical and Uvita:
ome Tips regarding driving.
You are better off if you drive during daylight hours.  It is easier to see any potholes, hazards or people walking on the road.
Avoid speeding.  There are radar traps all over.
Seatbelt laws are very strict so be sure everyone in the car is buckled up.
If you are involved in an accident call 911 and wait in your car for the police to arrive.
Directions: (Fastest easiest route)
From the airport in San Jose take the main road to San Jose (this road is CR1).  Follow this road to the end and turn toward Escazu this is
Tollroad 27.  Take this road to the Jaco exit (34) and go south to Uvita.  Just as you are entering Uvita there is a gas station on the right
hand side, turn left on to the dirt road and follow it 200 meters to the B and J entrance on the left.